Portugal Portugal

12 Vinténs - Miguel I

Coin 12 Vinténs - Miguel I Portugal obverse
Obverse © A.Monge da Silva
Coin 12 Vinténs - Miguel I Portugal reverse
Obverse © A.Monge da Silva

General information

Name 12 Vinténs - Miguel I
Country Portugal
Issuer Portugal
Period Portugal – Real (mechanical coinage, 1678-1835)
Face value 240 Réis = 12 Vinténs
Issue period 1829 - 1830
In circulation? Yes

Technical information

Item type coin
Subtype common coin
Material Silver
Weight 7.34 g
Diameter 29.5 mm
Thickness -
Format Round
Alignment Unknown


In 1688 the price of the gold ant the silver rise 20%. There was no time to collect and cast the circulating coin. Therefore, by the Law 04AUG1688, the value of the silver and gold coins was also increased 20%. However, during ~150 years the coinage remains unchanged with the circulating coins having a value ~20% above the marked.

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