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5 Dollars - Elizabeth II (Basketball)

Coin 5 Dollars - Elizabeth II (Basketball) Australia obverse
Coin 5 Dollars - Elizabeth II (Basketball) Australia reverse

Overall information

  • Name

    5 Dollars - Elizabeth II (Basketball)

  • Country


  • Issuer


  • Period

    Australia – Dollar (1966-date)

  • Face word

    5 Dollars

  • Emission years


  • Demonetized


Technical information

  • Item type


  • Subtype

    non circulating coin

  • Material

    Aluminium-bronze (Cu 92%, Al 6%, Ni 2%)

  • Weight

    20 g

  • Diameter

    20 mm

  • Thickness

    20 mm

  • Shape


  • Alignment



  • This coin was released as a joint collaboration between the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint to celebrate the holding of the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000. This is coin 6 in a set of 28 that depict all 28 sports held at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Coins were all dated 2000 but were released between 1997 and 2000. Some were available separately and some were only available in a set of the full 28 coins in a special album. Interestingly some had the Maklouf Obverse and some had the Rank-Broadly Obverse. Coin 6 represents Basketball - Since 1936, mens basketball has been a one sided affair, with the United states losing just two games, both to the former Soviet Union. Women's competition was introduced in 1976.

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