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⅛ Real "Tlaco" - Fernando VII

Coin ⅛ Real "Tlaco" - Fernando VII Mexico obverse
Coin ⅛ Real "Tlaco" - Fernando VII Mexico reverse

Overall information

Name ⅛ Real "Tlaco" - Fernando VII
Country Mexico
Issuer Mexico
Period Mexico – Colonial ‒ Real (1535-1821)
Face word 1/8 Real = 1/4 vellón
Emission years 1814 - 1816
Demonetized Yes

Technical information

Item type coin
Subtype common coin
Material Copper
Weight 3.5 g
Diameter 20 mm
Thickness 3.5 mm
Shape Round
Alignment ↑↑


Small value copper coins were produced during the reign of Ferdinand VII using the "vellón" monetary system. Using this system, 2/4 vellón (señal) was equivalent to 1/4 real, 1/4 vellón (tlaco) was equivalent to 1/8 real, and 1/8 vellón (pilón) was equivalent to 1/16 real. The denomination on the coin (1/4) refers to 1/4 vellón.

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