Coin 10 Pesos Uruguayos Uruguay obverse
Coin 10 Pesos Uruguayos Uruguay reverse
Uruguay Uruguay
10 Pesos Uruguayos
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Product info

Emission 2000
Conservation state
Very Fine / Extremely Fine

General information

Name 10 Pesos Uruguayos
Country Uruguay
Issuer Uruguay
Period Uruguay – Peso uruguayo (1993-date)
Face value 10 Pesos Uruguayos
Quantity issued 40.000.000
Out of circulation? No

Technical information

Item type coin
Subtype common coin
Material Bi-Metallic
Weight 10.5 g
Diameter 28 mm
Thickness 2.45 mm
Format Round
Alignment ↑↑


The Artigas motto "Be the Orientals as enlighted as braves" was proclamed the day the first Public Library was opened at Montevideo. Orientals is other name given to Uruguayans, and comes from the country name Republica Oriental del Uruguay, making refference the country is placed towards East (Orient) from Uruguay river. In spite all coins show date 2000, there was 2 different stikes; the first one was monted at Buenos Aires on 2004, and the second on 2006 at Canadian Mint. The design is the same, and the only difference is on date, where Canadian version have a 5-pointed star on each side of the date, while there are not on the Buenos Aires coins. [img]catalogue/54ffb903c5de6.jpg[/img]